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Dedicated is a sustainable lifestyle brand from Stockholm, celebrating creativity and sustainability. Trough creative collaborations with illustrators, artists and photographers we ‘re able to create unique collections.

 As a result of our longtime ambition to leave a minimal enviromental footprint, all garments are produced in certified GOTS, Fairtrade, Recycled polyester and Tencel Fibers.

We are fun and creative with a positive outlook. Politically correct but not afraid to take a stand. Confident enough to dare to be different. Obessed with culture and internet, but loves the outdoors and being active.

Organic & Fairtrade Certified Cotton

To leave a minimal environmental footprint we use certified organic cotton. Keep it Green!

Having seen the devastating effects of the conventional clothing industry it is clear we need a positive alternative. This industry is the second largest pollutant in the world, and working conditions are infamous, both in the cotton fields and at the factories.

Our vision is to be the positive alternative, to always use the most sustainable fabrics and to secure decent working conditions for both farmers and workers. We make sure these are not empty words by working with some of the toughest certifications in the industry.