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Brand-Stof is a Fashion Agency located in the fashion district Amsterdam.
We are specialised in the sales of local and international clothing and accessories brands.

The team of Brand-Stof creates wholesale strategies to assist brands to become established in the Benelux markets. We have a strong relationship with our customers and a fresh approach. We always have time to give a nice presentation of the brands we represent in our showroom and are service driven..

Brand-Stof the name, a fusion of ‘’brand’’ and ‘’stof’’ (Dutch for ‘’fabric’’ or ‘’ material’’), Is a powerful reflection of the agency’s core mission. ‘’Brand’’ symbolizes their role as brand representatives, representative brands to the Benelux market. ‘’ Stof’’ highlights their primary focus on apparel brands, where 80% of their portfolio lies.

Brand-Stof is the essential ”fuel” for fashion retailers and reflects the belief that their carefully selected brands are the lifeline of retail businesses. Without these carefully selected brands, shops would remain empty, symbolizing the crucial role they play in the fashion distribution.

Brand-stof should radiate a blend of sustainability, affordability, and fashion-consciousness. It should communicate that the agency provides fashion brands that match the street casual style, are sustainable, and reasonably priced.

Brand-Stof the target audience includes a diverse range of retail stores. As streetwear stores, denim stores, concept stores, sustainable stores, shoe stores, multi-brand stores, boardsport stores, chain stores and online stores.