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Bask in the sun is a French brand which offers a strongly iodized wardrobe. From Guethary, on the Bask coast, its founders design collections inspired by the legacy of sailors apparel as well as by the urban fashion.

The manufacture is European, durable, and ethic, close to the ocean, in small family manufactures on the North coast of Portugal. From the spinning untill the dyeing, including the printing and the garment manufacturing, Bask in the sun knows all its partners and visit them several times per year in order to design quality clothing with a fine sense of details, so that every piece is seen as tailor-made.

At the opposite of the fast fashion, disposable and of poor quality, Bask in the sun prefers a durable fashion and natural fibers. Collections are designed with premium fabrics from the best manufacturers. The brand also develops its own fibers, organic jersey cotton, which is cultivated without any chemical inputs and teinted without any harmful substances.